Thank you for your interest in supporting the ministries of Blue Mountain Baptist Church. Your generous support enables us to reach lost people for Christ, build a community of believers who are growing and serving God, and to provide help and support to those in need in our community.  It is a joy for us to serve God and our community through the various ministries of our church.

We offer a few different ways that you can give:

  • On Sundays through the offering plate during our worship services
  • By signing up for our ‘Automatic withdrawal’ program
  • Giving on-line through Pay-pal, by clicking on the ‘GIVE’ button below

Thank you again for partnering with us as we seek to bring honor and glory to God in all we do.

Auto Withdrawal

If you would like to sign-up for automatic withdrawal from your bank account to make giving more efficient for you we are happy to offer an automatic withdrawal service that charges your bank account at a set date.  This can be a great option for those that wish to give regularly each month and don't want to have to worry about remembering to write a cheque or if you'll be on vacation, whatever the reason may be. Simply fill out the form and the information will be submitted to our envelope secretary and you will be added to the system.  Do note, it does take time to process the form so it will not immediately debit your bank account, the secretary will be able to notify you with an estimated timeline.  You will also need a PDF viewer to open the form.

Click here to download the auto-debit form (PDF)

You can fill out the form right on your computer and then all you'll need to do is print it, sign it and bring it to church to give to the office, or you can print out the form and fill it out by hand as well.  If you have any questions about the form please do not hesitate to contact the church office.

Give Now

If you would like to donate to a current need of the church right away we'd be happy to take your donation online via PayPal.  Simply follow the link below, fill out the information and you can make that donation right away.  Important note: you will need to have an active PayPal account in order to use this donation option. Please fill out the Shipping Address if you would like a tax receipt.